Thursday, August 2, 2007


Brooklyn, New York
August 2, 2007



Ahoy, loyal ROPE AND PULLEY fans!

A long period of silence . . . BROKEN!

The Slouching Beast of inactivity . . . SLAIN!

Idle hands . . . EMPLOYED!

After a hiatus for corporate restructuring and distribution reorganization, ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS comes roaring back—shit-eating grin on face, fists full of digital music files—astride a five-ton black rhino called . . . the Official ROPE AND PULLEY Blog!

To mark the launch of the new central clearing house for Ideas, Sounds, and Attitudes, ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS offers . . . wait for it . . . EVERYTHING!

That’s right faithful listeners, the entire ROPE AND PULLEY catalogue from DJ Lonely Street to Webern and the Gynoids is available now for download in the convenient non-DRM format you know and love.

“Hell, we might as well just give it all away,” said a characteristically upbeat D Stuart Mullins, founder and president of ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS.

Also! Missed that historic press release? Need to get that pithy line you half remember for an article you’re writing for a major publication on ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS and the salvation of American Music? You’re in luck! All major press releases from ROPE AND PULLEY’s eventful life are now archived.

Plus! Just as a welcome aboard the H.M.S. ROPE AND PULLEY, four previously unreleased tracks! For you! Exclusively at!

Three from legendary art damage unit The Royal Ambassadors, recently reunited and drug into the studio:

1. Redpig Revisited
2. fbbbbbbbbbbbp.
3. Might Remembered

And one outtake from The Music of Reginald GaylordROPE AND PULLEY’s most successful release yet!

4. Yargonomics2

“Why so fixated on the past?” the enlightened music consumer might ask. To “bid adieu” to the folly of youth! To “clear the decks” for the landing of the Future! That’s what ROPE AND PULLEY answers.

Coming up: Keep those ears open for rumors of fresh talent. Two words: Fedorov Avtomat. You heard them hear first, musicophile. Stay tuned! Subscribe!! Excelsior!!!

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