Friday, May 27, 2011

Parapersonality Crash

In 2007, our man Fedya produced an EP. On the eve of its release and what was sure to be international electronic stardom, he withdrew it. Only now has he granted Rope and Pulley permission to release it to our faithful listeners. The first track, "(choke!)", is here for your enjoyment. Tune in next week for track two.

 (choke!) by fedorovavtomat

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ruby Seychelle

Continuing our series of rare and unreleased tracks by the enigmatic Fedorov Avtomat, we bring you 2007's "Ruby Seychelle."  With an initial release of one, it's likely you've never heard it before. . . or read the dedication poem that accompanied the track when it was sent to its original recipient.

As it was explained to its dedicatee:

Most recently, Fedorov Avtomat sent me a CD containing "Ruby Seychelle" and asked that I send it to you as a gift.  What's more, he (perhaps confoundingly) asked that I pass along a poem he intends to serve as a dedication.

Even more peculiarly, the poem takes the form of a dramatic monologue, the poetic conceit pioneered by the English poet Robert Browning, in which the speaker of the poem is a figure other than the poet, and the reader stands in for the intended listener.

In a final turn of the eccentric but ingenious mind of this young artist, Fedorov Avtomat has made me, D. Stuart Mullins, the speaker of the poem.


In this scene
I'm the go-between,
A conduit cut in twain

From panel to panel
And page to page
Repeating the refrain

To Casanova,
F.A. bequeaths
A song from underneath

The layers of targets
Aimed at and missed,
Each shielding a private grief

Consider this track
Shrapnel, once again intact
Stolen back from the Explosion Thief.

 Ruby Seychelle by fedorovavtomat 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fedorov Avtomat Reemerges?

Via dark missives from covert locations, we are informed of the stirrings of the long dormant Fedorov Avtomat.  High time then, it seems, to release some hitherto unknown but vital past works of our reticent Sweet F.A.

From 2008, a lifetime ago, comes "Death is the Black Racer."

 Death is the Black Racer by fedorovavtomat