Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS announces two new additions to its artist roster

Brooklyn, NY
December 20th, 2006


ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS announces two new additions to its artist roster.

As 2006 charges to a close, ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS wraps things up with a pair of groundbreaking releases!

La Lumine Cavrenozo's debut recording of Bob Agamemnon's Four Themes marks the year old label's first chamber music release. Bridging the divide between jazz, classical, film music, and even indie rock, La Lumine Cavrenozo's mission is to reinvigorate the instrumental music tradition in America. ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS founder and president D. Stuart Mullins: "These kids are obviously interested in more than high dollar sex and Italian sports cars. I'm interested in that too." Let the revolution begin!

Available now at

1. 1st Theme
2. 2nd Theme
3. 3rd Theme
4. 4th Theme (Live)

Not a label to rest on its high-art laurels, ROPE AND PULLEY RECORDS adds a dance floor yang to this orchestral yin with the debut release from DJ Lonely Street. This four track EP features TWO firsts!

The first first: Vocalist Lex Luxurious (appearing courtesy REPERCUSSION RECORDS) lends his not inconsiderable pipes to the first ROPE AND PULLEY track to feature singing! On "Fully Articulate," Luxurious proves a soulful compliment to DJ Lonely Street's combination of sampled kitchenware and deft House beats in a future dance floor hit. Luxurious' lyrics about "the politics of action figures" should provoke the mind as well as the hips!

What could follow such a momentous event in the history of creative music? What is the second first with which ROPE AND PULLEY draws the year to a close? The second first is a remix! DJ Lonely Street offered to mangle La Lumine Cavrenozo's rendition of "4th Theme" with her hardest beats and most science fiction bass, and ROPE AND PULLEY couldn't say no! Sick!

Available now at

1. Fully Articulate (feat. Lex Luxurious)
2. Swami Clause
3. Contempo Tundra
4. 4th Theme (Lonely Remix)

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