Sunday, November 21, 2010

Inside Baseball

Did you like the hand claps in SIGSALY? Wonder where they came from?

We at Rope & Pulley have a long-standing policy forbidding the sampling of artists outside our roster. In the prehistory of the label (1999), however, one finds an outlier. The Royal Ambassadors, including the young and fresh Roy L'Ambas - at the time recording under the name of Doctor Peter Venkman - used their Casio SK-1 sampler to lift a second or so from a track by hip hop greats The Roots.

Apparently, the theft left a niggling thorn in Roy's side and so, when he set to work on current pop hit SIGSALY, he decided to steal from himself. Those drums and hand claps, performed by Roy's very own hands and drums, have made a ten year journey from Red Pig Studios at 299 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY to Rope & Pulley's 2010 New Jersey digs.

Here's the untitled track 16 from Lubra-Smooth by The Royal Ambassadors, circa 1999.

L-S Track 16 by Rope and Pulley Records

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thus The Dubious Sttuttz

"If I had had a father he would have told me 'My father always said 'Play it close to the chest, son.''"

"I would have ignored that advice, though."

Thus the dubious stuttz, on returning to musical life. Long time Rope & Pulley listeners will remember that our earliest mid-naughties releases issued forth from the untrained self-apparatus of avant-garde visual artist sttutz, who, having been given a PC loaded with cheap music software, was invited to produce tracks with the limitation that they be completed in one sitting. The results exhibit an idiotic, amateurish power. However, suffering from a short attention span and a nasty case of mysterious disappearance syndrome, stutz became unreachable, missing, withdrawn.

But no more.

We gave him this, this, this (Thanks, BH), this, this, and this.

And new rules:

1. Live mixes only. No edits or overdubs.

2. No software instruments or effects (exception: having grown enraged at this, sttuttz now demands that he be allowed to use this. Also, a bit of compression thrown on at the end never hurt anybody's purity.)

Good luck, sTutTz.


The Front Office


extramuros one by Rope and Pulley Records

extramuros two by Rope and Pulley Records

Monday, October 18, 2010


Bloodless, in the popular style. As you demanded.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Six Guns Eight Hands One Bullet

Cherishing each instant and refusing to let it go, Royal became cramped, loud, tense, unfun at parties. Friends approached him. "Stretch out. Embrace periodicity, transience. Widen your focus, man," they'd say. "No, no. That's okay. I'm okay. I'd like to fit it all in. All of it, you know. A detailed whole."

Days passed. For us. But not for Royal. He kept them all, not letting any slip by him. His hands full, he pinned seconds between his elbows and ribs, his apron pulled into a bag like a hausfrau coming in from the garden, fifteen minutes from 1997 even tucked under his chin. He knew it wasn't good for him. He knew he'd have to pay sooner or later.

Maybe if he'd been on point in 1968, surrounded by the NVA's invisible Kalashnikovs. Or standing in a trench, 1917, scrambling to stuff himself into a gas mask. Hell, Fallujah, 2004. Ugly enough to let go. Instead, even his worst days had seemed worth saving, hoarding even. Who knows, maybe he'd need them later.

Or maybe after he was gone, someone would find his notes, slog through them, see a pattern other than the trite one he'd found years ago and kept running his finger around the grooves of, over and over again.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Haunted Meat Taunted Me

Collect the covers. Listen to the track. Consult your handheld device. Reach the apogee. Consider your descent. Thumb through the pages. Subscribe to the notion. Cradle your vices. Caress your frailty. Extend your lease. Fire your staff. Transfer your funds. Kiss your children. Wave your rights. Indulge in fantasy. Engage a tutor. Treasure the problem. Ignore the solution.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Experimental Philosophy Club

"But given the nature of the cypher that I am using, chances are that you, reader, will never exist, and so I cannot see why I should continue running this needle through the dirty old cloth when I am so tired, and the rocking of the boat invites me to close my eyes."

Friday, February 19, 2010


Eruntics by Rope and Pulley Records

"Agar agar is my love as were stated above"

- E. coli poetica

*album track

Saturday, February 6, 2010

V-d-- -il-ed th- R-d-io S---

Rope and Pulley Proudly Presents:

A Promotional Video Drama Featuring A Variety of Scenes

Friday, January 22, 2010

Technical Note

Dear Listeners,

Thanks to the incompetence of our webmaster, whom we will call "Steve", and who has now been fired, the tracks that Management intended to be freely downloadable were not made so. Steve's idiocy runs counter to the Rope and Pulley mission to freely provide revolutionary music to the people who need it most: you people. Rest assured that this error has been corrected and the past year plus of music is now available. So fuck you, Steve.


D Stuart
R&P Division

Monday, January 18, 2010

Steranko Skull Device*

01 Steranko Skull Device by Rope and Pulley Records

Main Line
Into the Center Stream
Watch the Waves [measure the amplitude]

*Album Track