Friday, February 3, 2006

Webern & The Gynoids release new track

Brooklyn, New York
February 3, 2006


Webern & The Gynoids release new track.

Lighting really does strike twice! Or in the case of Webern & The Gynoids, the FOURTH time's the charm! With rumors mounting that the group may call it quits, this latest opus may be a swan song. Listening to this masterful weaving of drug- tinged psychedelia, warm House beats, and High Modernest poetry, I sure hope not!

What are the critics saying about Webern & The Gynoids' latest track, "Vivid Villain, I Hardly Know You Anymore (Burnt Norton Mix)"?

"The most successful fusion of clubland and T.S. Eliot since Tyron Slothrop Trio's 1989 hit 'Those Were Pearls That Were His Eyes, Asshole'." -Ben Ratlifff, New York Times

"First there was Charles Mingus's 'A Modern Jazz Symposium of Music and Poetry.' Now comes the Vivid Villain. That cat Webern can really blow!" -Nat Hentofff, Downbeat

"Whither mirth? Thither mirth!" -The Paris Review

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"Now For The Details, The Fatal Blow"

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