Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thus The Dubious Sttuttz

"If I had had a father he would have told me 'My father always said 'Play it close to the chest, son.''"

"I would have ignored that advice, though."

Thus the dubious stuttz, on returning to musical life. Long time Rope & Pulley listeners will remember that our earliest mid-naughties releases issued forth from the untrained self-apparatus of avant-garde visual artist sttutz, who, having been given a PC loaded with cheap music software, was invited to produce tracks with the limitation that they be completed in one sitting. The results exhibit an idiotic, amateurish power. However, suffering from a short attention span and a nasty case of mysterious disappearance syndrome, stutz became unreachable, missing, withdrawn.

But no more.

We gave him this, this, this (Thanks, BH), this, this, and this.

And new rules:

1. Live mixes only. No edits or overdubs.

2. No software instruments or effects (exception: having grown enraged at this, sttuttz now demands that he be allowed to use this. Also, a bit of compression thrown on at the end never hurt anybody's purity.)

Good luck, sTutTz.


The Front Office


extramuros one by Rope and Pulley Records

extramuros two by Rope and Pulley Records

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